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July 27, 2012

Tower of Treasure, page 13

So this is what it's all about, right here. This is THE PAGE, the set-up for the overall story arc that carries through all seven books. When I wrote (and drew) this scene, I really had very little idea exactly how it would all pay off. I mostly just needed a mystery that would impel Dessa to chase Greyfalcon to the ends of the Earth, through any challenge I might choose to put her through, without any notion of giving up. A kidnapped twin seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

By the time book two, The Sign of the Black Rock came about, I'd outlined the rest of the series. So I now know precisely what's going on in this scene. But no, I'm not telling you. :)

July 06, 2012

Tower of Treasure, page 10

One of my very favourite pages from this book. Or even the series as a whole, really.